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Major interests: phonology, metrical phonology, historical phonology, historical linguistics, Semitic historical linguistics, Hebrew, feature theory, nature of phonological representations, writing systems / orthographies and their phonological interpretation.

Serious Stuff


My dissertation Topics in Tiberian Biblical Hebrew Metrical Phonology and Prosodics (University of Texas, May 1999) is available on-line in various formats:

Formally published papers

``Towards a Constrained Theory of Morphological Discongruities: `Tops-Together' Parallel Representations'', in Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society, February 14-17, 1992: General Session and Parasession on the Place of Morphology in a Grammar, Laura A. Buszard-Welcher, Lionel Wee, and William Weigel eds., 298-311. Berkeley: Berkeley Linguistics Society, 1992.

``Early Arabic siin and s^iin in Light of the Proto-Semitic Fricative-lateral Hypothesis'', in Perspectives in Arabic Linguistics V: Papers from the Fifth Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics (Current Issues in Linguistic Theory 101), Mushira Eid and Clive Holes eds., 313-342. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 1993.

An excerpt from another paper, ``Prosodic-Domain Sensitive Rules and Boundary Signals'', published in the University of Texas at Austin Linguistics Department working papers (Texas Linguistic Forum), is available from the department's server as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file (custom fonts did not properly embed in the file, but it should still be understandable).

Somewhat serious stuff (but not really theoretical linguistics)

Less serious stuff

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