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Please don't take a lot of these images and put them in your own WWW pages en masse without permission (as one group did last year); some of these images are standard icons and buttons, but many (especially the Jane Austen and genealogy images) were made or scanned in by me. However, I give free permission for anyone to use my images janepics.jpg, enh-lynx.gif, noframes.gif, noframsm.gif, noframbg.gif, optmlynx.gif, star-lin.gif, texasbkg.gif, top99jok.gif, wrldplat.gif, and wrtletbw.gif in their own HTML pages (without necessarily surrendering any basic copyright I may have on these images).

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Warning: some of the .gif images here are color-reduced greyscales (since monochrome line art or text on a white background can be reduced to 16 colors or less, thus greatly reducing image filesize, while still being rather effectively anti-aliased); however, the default rendering algorithm of some versions of Netscape on certain video drivers may wash out these images in shades of pink or green.

JPEG Images (links)

Larger GIF Images (links)

Alphabetized list of smaller GIF Images (in-line)

(The in-line .gifs are described by text in the ALT="..." and TITLE="..." tag attributes of the HTML source.)

[13-star flag] gen/1778flag.gif
[Three-generation genealogical ancestry chart button] gen/3genchtb.gif
[Four-generation genealogical ancestry chart] gen/4genchts.gif
[`This page is best viewed with a mug of hot tea and ANY Web Browser'] anybrtea.gif
[`Best viewed with YOUR favorite browser'] anybrwsr.gif
[Awful German Language banner `Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftkapitaen'] linghebr/awfgrmlg.gif
[`AWK'] htmlchek/awk.gif
[Genealogy widget: \] gen/b.gif
[`Best Viewed With Whatever (ver 1.0)'] besvwtev.gif
[Books] books.gif
[Broken counter joke image] brokncjk.gif
[Burn your television!] burn-tv.gif
[`Caution' bar] caution.gif
[Charlotte Bronte] c-bronte.gif
[Camel (Perl)] htmlchek/camel.gif
[Sun-moon bar] daynight.gif
[Small greyscale down-arrow] down.gif
[`The disk is toast!'] dsktostj.gif
[`Enhanced for Lynx' parody] enh-lynx.gif
[`External Link -- EXIT'] exitlink.gif
[`Fixed'] fixed.gif
[Printer's Fleuron] fleuron.gif
[Printer's Fleurons] fleuron2.gif
[:-(] frownie.gif
[`FTP'] ftp.gif
[Binary Ancestor Tree with `Genealogy' text] gen/genealgy.gif
[Binary Ancestor Tree] gen/genetree.gif
[Blinking Genealogy Icon] gen/genblink.gif
[Small Binary Ancestor Tree] gen/genetres.gif
[Tiny Binary Ancestor Tree] gen/genetric.gif
[GEDCOM icon] gen/gedcom.gif
[`Genealogy': family relationships icon] gen/genealgx.gif
[Genealogy tree icon] gen/gentre40.gif
[GIF IMAGE] linghebr/henryheb.gif
[`HTML'] html.gif
[`htmlchek' text banner] htmlchek/htmlchek.gif
[Small `htmlchek' text] htmlchek/htmlchks.gif
[`HYPERTEXT'] hyprtext.gif
[Hypertext link icon] hyptxtlk.gif
[This space intentionally left blank] intlfblj.gif
[The invisible man] invisman.gif
[Tastefully nauseous `Jane Austen' background] janausbg.gif
[Small Austen silhouette] linghebr/jansilhs.gif
[`Everybody loves THEIR Jane Austen'] linghebr/jantheir.gif
[Letter and quill pen] letrwrit.gif
[Low Bandwidth] lowbandw.gif
[,,^..^,, `This Web page is Lynx Friendly!'] lynxfrnd.gif (this image created by Brandi Weed)
[Mail falling from slot] mailfall.gif
[Minor Update] minorupd.gif
[`NEW'] new.gif
[`new'] new-3dsm.gif
[`New!'] new_big.gif
[`New! *'] newbigst.gif
[`New!'] newslant.gif
[`New'] new_medm.gif
[`I don't want to be FRAMED: Support the Campaign to Recognize HTML Frames as the Silly Things they Are'] noframes.gif
[`I don't want to be FRAMED: Support the Campaign to Recognize HTML Frames as the Silly Things they Are' -- Smaller] noframsm.gif
[`I don't want to be FRAMED: Support the Campaign to Recognize HTML Frames as the Silly Things they Are' -- Background] noframbg.gif
[`Use Any Browser Here -- Campaign for a Non-Browser Specific WWW'] nonbrspcf.gif
[`N0tscape enhanced'] notscape.gif
[Not really under construction...] htmlchek/notuncnj.gif
[Not written on tablets of stone] linghebr/notwston.gif
[Netscape -- NOT!] ntinetsc.gif
[`Everybody loves THEIR OED'] linghebr/oedtheir.gif
[OLD!] old.gif
[`Open to Any Browser...'] opnanybr.gif
[`Optimized for LYNX'] optmlynx.gif
Pride and Prejudice illustration thumbnails:
[`PP' icon] pridprej.gif
[Squiggly back-arrow] return.gif
[Small greyscale squiggly back-arrow] returns.gif
[Red and black triangles bullet and vertical spacer] rbktring.gif
[Blue right arrow] rhtarrwb.gif
[Small greyscale right-arrow] right.gif
[Small greyscale right-arrow for use in text] rightw.gif
[19th-century man and woman flirting (1882 Police Gazette illustration)] romance.gif
[15th, 16th century English royal arms icon] gen/roylarms.gif
[Genealogy widget: /] gen/s.gif
[Horizontal bar of calligraphic flourishes] separatr.gif
[:-)] smiley.gif
[Winking smiley ;-)] smiley-b.gif
[`? Soon ?'] soon.gif
[Bar: wavy line and stars] star-lin.gif
[Calligraphic flourish] swirl-sm.gif
[Deep in the heart of Texas; background] texasbkg.gif
[`?'] textsrch.gif
[Small 5-star U.S. Flag] tinyflag.gif
[Small greyscale backarrow and `ToC'] toc.gif
[`Top 99% of all Web sites (1% are worse): Pointless' parody] top99jok.gif
[`.txt'] txt.gif
[UK map icon] uk-map.gif
[UK flag icon] ukflag.gif
[Under construction] undcbarg.gif
[Small greyscale up-arrow] up.gif
[`Updated'] updated.gif
[`!' in yellow triangle] warning.gif
[Black and yellow bar with red `WARNING'] warnings.gif
[World map as book] wrldbook.gif
[The world on a platter] wrldplat.gif What do you want, the world on a platter? Well there it is! ;-)
[Hand writing a letter] wrtletbw.gif
[`Working on it'] workonit.gif

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